Big Sale?

Big Sale?

Yah, beginilah kalo ada big sale di mall. Masuknya ngantri, keluarnya rame. Harganya? Ya harga sensasi sale aja😛

About Prasetyo Andy W.
Mobile technology, social media, and other awesomeness enthusiast. Tech savvy. Software engineer. In love with photography and travelling.

3 Responses to Big Sale?

  1. fitrasani says:

    mupengnya liat gambarnya…
    hahaha pengen menikmati sale😛

  2. fitrasani says:

    mupeng liat gambarnya
    *ingin menikmati sale mode on*

  3. [PaW] says:

    @ fitra :
    saking mupengnya sampe komen 2 kali😛

    lagi jakarta big sale loh.. sempatkan diri belanja di jakarta aja,, lagi sale dimana-mana >:)

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