Nokia N8, 12MP Camera and 720p Video Recording

It is officially released today, it’s a Nokia N8. This is the first ever device that is powered by Symbian^3 platform. Furthermore, this device will also be powered by a next generation camera and xenon flash, that allows this device to capture pictures and videos as good as nowadays pocket cameras.

This newborn baby is equipped by 12 Megapixel Carl-Zeiss camera, with bigger sensor than any other Nokia devices, others said that the sensor is bigger than the one in dedicated cameras.

Nokia N8 also introduces the ability to capture high definition videos (720p), and edit them using smart build-in editing application. Playback quality is also important, the 3,5-inch capacitive touch screen HD display shows the video like no other phone’s LCD.

Those videos can also be watched directly on an HD TV from Nokia N8. It has a HDMI video output port that allows connectivity with any HDMI screen. These breakthroughs make Nokia N8 stand out from the crowd. There are also another new features that Nokia N8 have. We know that a 12 Megapixel picture sizes slightly bigger than other pictures that are captured by smaller megapixel cameras, also, 720p videos need more rooms in our storage. So Nokia equips N8 with 16GB built-in storage, and it can be expandable until 48GB using a micro SD card.

This masterpiece will be available in third quarter in this year. I think it’s a full loaded pocket camera. Let’s wait and see 😛


About Prasetyo Andy W.
Mobile technology, social media, and other awesomeness enthusiast. Tech savvy. Software engineer. In love with photography and travelling.

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