Pindah Pindah..

Setelah 302 entri blog, 1.047 komentar, 38 kategori, 44 tag, 102.633 page view, 60 view hari ini, dan mendapatkan hari tersibuknya tanggal 26 september 2008,

hari ini saya pindah, pindah menulis ke

Terima kasih untuk yang sudah mampir kemari, jangan lupa mulai sekarang mampirnya ke 😀


Do You Think People Hear Your Tweets?

If you answer “YES”, then you’re wrong.

Nobody cares about your tweets, even if they follow your timeline. Moreover, if you’re usually yelling or other crappy things on your tweets, others will unfollow you instead.


From the chart above we can see that 71% of your tweets get no replies whatsoever, luckily 23% of all tweets get a reply and only 6% gets a retweet (maybe sometimes people think your tweets are useful, funny, inspiring, or cool, or something like that).

When your tweets get reply, almost all replies come from one account and just slightly 10% gets two @replies. But there is a trick to get more than one reply: ÜberMention people, mention all of your friends on your tweets, after that you can just hope that your mentioned friends will reply yours.